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Protect my privacy online

Use YandexVPN to browse anonymously

YandexVPN respects the privacy of its customers, therefore we are convinced that everyone has the right to respect for their privacy. On the other hand, many VPN providers record your online activity.
YandexVPN does not keep any of your data from your internet activity. With YandexVPN browse in complete security and anonymity.

With YandexVPN browse anonymously on all your connected devices

You can use your YandexVPN subscription on multiple devices: Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Fire Stick …

Protect your privacy online. Use YandexVPN as an anonymous VPN proxy service.

With Yandex VPN keep your information anonymous

If you browse the internet without a VPN, your online activity may be monitored by your service provider who may also share it with other organizations. Governments can use your data to restrict your access if you allow yourself to leave your online activity exposed, especially over public WI-FI.

Subscribe on YandexVPN to remain anonymous, and keep your information anonymous and safe from hackers.

The big advantages of Yandex VPN on Windows

• Protect online privacy

YandexVPN allows you to hide all your online information, including your location, when you access the internet.                                                                              

• Hide your IP adress

YandexVPN can hide a user’s internal protocol address (IP address) and block their location and browser history, allowing them to share and receive information on public internet networks more privately.

• Unblock Websites

YandexVPN gives you access to all hidden websites on the internet. All geoblocks, censorship or internet restrictions will be gone for you.

• Unlimited Streaming

Don’t let streaming services stop you from enjoying your favorite TV shows, movies and sporting events! Wherever you are, with YandexVPN access all your favorite content.

• Network Protection

YandexVPN protects your data when you interact with applications and web properties on the Internet, YandexVPN may conceal some resources.

• No Data Storage

All YandeVPN services run on heavily encrypted RAM disks, so it is technically impossible for data to be stored on hard disks. It also means that no data can be recovered if the power is removed.

Customer reviews of YandexVPN

Very fast VPN! I unblock websites that I was not allowed to access. Now I can browse the internet without limit in complete freedom and security.


I am very satisfied with the YandexVPN application, thanks to it I was able to access Netflix US content since I am currently in France. It’s really super nice!


Before using Yandex VPN, I was afraid to pay on the internet. Now I pay securely. I recommend using YandexVPN it’s very efficient.